Godfrey Torto

Godfrey Torto arrived in Top Sport Agency in 2013, after being a leading football player in Italian secondary leagues. In 2005 he starts collaborating with F.C. Chiasso, before becoming Team Manager in 2014. You can contact Godfrey by Email: godfreytorto12@gmail.com, godfreyktorto123@gmail.com | Phone: +13148841049 | Twitter: Godfreytorto | Instagram: Godfreytorto12 | LinkedIn: Godfrey k Torto | Facebook: Godfrey.torto12

James Featherstone

Born in Naples ( ITALY) in 1978 . He is graduated in Political Science. Vast experience in international business and management across all over Asia’s main countries, having spent more than 15 years in China. You can contact James by Email: jamesfeatherstone6@gmail.com | Phone: +12403219506 | Twitter: Jamesfeatherstone | Instagram: jeboxigaka | Facebook: jamesfeatherstone

Zouhair Essikal

Born in Santa Maria, Brazil, Fabian graduated in Law and has a Masters in Leadership. He has been in the football industry for the last 12 years, having worked with great players and clubs in Europe and Brazil. You can contact Zouhair by Email: zouhairessikal888@gmail.com, zouhairessikal91@outlook.com | Facebook: Zouhair Essikal


We are here to help you make your dreams come true as footballer.

Welcome to Top Sport Agency As genuine and passionate football lovers, football had steadily grown from hobby to a fully fledged business in recent times. Therefore Top Sport Agency was draughted in our mind long time ago but came in life just the last 7 years.


Dan Bowyer

Football Agent

Twitter: danbowyer2
Instagram: danbowyer6
Facebook: Bowyer.dan6
Email: danbowyer6@gmail.com
Number: +13146691327

Roheem Mustapha

Football Agent

Email: mustapharoheem12@gmail.com

Elliott Fillingham

Football Agent

Instagram: elliott_fgham.
Facebook: Elliott.fgham
Email: elliottfillingham3@gmail.com
Number: +12567630647

Graham Younger

Football Agent

Email: grahamyounger531@gmail.com
Number: +17739740034

Chris Emiles

Football Agent

Instagram: hrisemiles
Twitter: christi47161150
Email: christianemiles4@gmail.com