First of all, since 2012, we were discussing the unprofessionalism and greediness of Football Agents. We were really concerned about the football players who struggled to find a club and have a decent career in professional football due to bad agents. Furthermore, being former players ourselves, sometimes, it really hurts us seeing talented players without a club or in the greedy hands of Football Agents. As a result… the idea to establish a honest Football Agency was born. A lot of ideas came up to the table since then, the first draughts were a reality in the first two days and gradually our hobby almost turned into a full-time job. Football takes time, needs hard work and discipline. Hence, it took us another 2 years to get things to a point where we could say it was a part time job and also another year after that before we went full time.


Top Sport Agency is a multi-national, full service sports consultancy. Established in 2012 by Godfrey Torto and Zouhair Essikal, the company has grown to become one of the biggest and most successful sports agency companies in the world. Managing the careers of hundreds of footballers in the UK and abroad, Top Sport Agency are the agents behind some of the biggest transfers in football history.

As well as football, Top Sport Agency also enjoys prominent status in rugby, cricket, and athletics. With a dedicated commercial division we also work hard in maximising image rights and commercial opportunities for all of our clients the company has grown to become one of the biggest and most successful sports management companies in the world. Managing the careers of hundreds of world class athletes both in the UK and abroad, Top Sport Agency is about finding and nurturing the finest sporting talent in the world and seizing the opportunity to drive them forward to do their best and be the best at all times.

Our Values



We are accountable for using and developing our individual and collective capabilities to achieve outstanding results both for the individual and for the community.



We fulfill our responsibilities to be leaders in our professional discipline through the application of best practices in a scientific, caring and committed way.



We build trust through loyalty, honesty, ethical standards and fairness. We never take advantage of a privileged position for personal gain.

Our Structure

How we Structure the Teams for Trials.

While categorization is done on a general level, training loads of a football player can vary based on rather biological than on chronological age. The Top Sport Agency Football program is divided into Four yearly blocks. We consider the following teams and age groups as relevant to our program: Feeder Teams (U-13/U-14, U-15/U-16 and U-17/U-18) and Senior Agency Teams (From 18 and Above).


Top Sport Agency get the deals done. They're always there when you need them and if there's a problem they won't shy away from it. I'm always made to feel welcome and have total belief that they are working in my best interests. Top Sport Agency is more than just an agency.


When I decided to Register with Top Sport Agency they promised me nothing but delivered everything. They talk to me straight and has given me and my family total support and excellent advice. The only issue I've got with the agency is that they hates losing!!


Top Sport Agency are not just my agent but a good friend. They are always at the end of the phone whenever I need anything. Top man!!